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Peace of mind 24/7
with a personal safety companion

Lone Worker Australia is Australia’s premier supplier of Lone and Remote personal safety alarms for all ages and all reasons.

Providing peace of mind through the use of our completely portable, discreet, take anywhere, electronic safety companions. Workers, Retirees, Children, Parents, Personal carers the list goes on.

We are the only company in Australia that has a proven record in providing reliable, realistic response to such devices. 


A duty of care, requires employers to give lone of isolated workers a means to alert for help, so If you are one of the following - give us a call to discuss your options.



Are you looking for assistance to comply with your duty of care under new OH&S laws, for remote workers - ensure you comply?


Consider recent events and think about each site or person you are responsible for ... ensure your staff have an immediate, silent and discreet way of contacting assistance should an emergency situation arise. Recent events have proven mobile phones are neither discreet nor can they always be easily accessed and activated.

LWA mobile personal safety device(s) provide you and your team the ability to alert professionally trained staff and open up a two way audio communications line to professionally trained and licensed security staff, who will respond in accordance with your instructions, contacting emergency services, work colleagues and or relatives as required.

When activating the LWA emergency line it is silent to the non initiated, Our trained IRC operators will listen in and take appropriate action depending on what they hear and know of the situation.

Communications audio lines can be kept open discreetly until assistance arrives and or situation is resolved.

The LWASoS device can be discreetly worn by staff and easily located should an emergency arise.

Activation can be initiated with in seconds.

Included in the purchase is training of all staff to ensure they have a full working knowledge of the device and how to get the best out of its use.


Parent looking for peace of mind - the safety of your children and loved ones is paramount?


Looking for more independence, but would still like someone to call if you need assistance?


wanting to give back some independence while ensuring they can stay in easy contact with their patient / friend and find them when they need. 

We have intrinsically safe, waterproof and even Satellite companions ensuring our services and coverage is available to everyone, anywhere!

Our Incident Response Centre (IRC) is centrally based and is an  authorised and licensed Grade A1 response centre, which enables quickest response possible to emergency services anywhere around the country!

When you need assistance, you simply push the button and our professionally trained security operators will be presented with your file, containing any medical and or incidental information that has been provided + your current or last known GPS location and then 2 way call.

Lone Worker Australia has an extensive range of products from entry level one button self monitoring devices for the young, elderly or sick, right through to state of the art world-wide satellite coverage for adventurers and professional staff who may travel the globe or into areas that have no mobile coverage.


Lone Worker Australia™ is the only entity able to provide a complete end-to-end solution for your personal safety including GPS location service & geo-fencing ability.

Our solution includes:

Purpose Designed Products

National supply chain of customer-focused agents

24hr / 7 days monitoring coverage through a locally-based Incident Response Centre

From less than $1.49* per day!

* Does not include GST, minimum monitoring period applies

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