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  • Lightweight

  • Portable 

  • 2 way audio voice calling

  • 1 x SOS emergency button

  • Programmable Motionless alert

  • Waterproof

  • 2 x Optional voice call buttons

  • 2 x Status Message Service button  

  • GPS location enabled 

  • Intrinsically safe available


(Motionless alert)

Unlike traditional problematic "mandown alert" systems where 'tilt' is used, creating unwanted false alerts.

The LWA-Mandown unit has an adjustable "motionless timer" built in. If NO motion is detected within the predetermined time frame (adjustable to suit end users needs), the LWA-Mandown unit will alert the user and if still NO motion, then the unit will automatically generate an Emergency alert with GPS location and 2 way audio to our 24/7 security graded IRC.

Within seconds, the IRC will know the location of the user + have 2 way communications enabling the most appropriate response available to their needs at anytime.

Ideal for anyone who spends time in high risk environment, with chemicals, isolated with important machinery or controls.

Currently in use with security personnel, health professionals including homecare nursing, IT data service staff, cleaning staff, Local Government Authorities, warehousing and the list is growing.

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