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Managing your risk

Our products are an ideal way for employers, organisations, sporting clubs and carers to meet their duty of care of responsibility to those under their care. Family and friends can ensure their loved ones can call for assistance when ever they require. 

Our 24Hr Incident Response Centre, is just one button push away


Managing remote workers under your care.

Each organisation has different risks associated with the environment in which they operate, personnel they employ and clients with whom they deal.

  1. Conduct Risk Assessment of all workers

  2. List all workers in order of level of existing or potential risk. (highest to lowest)

  3. Contact Lone Worker Australia to discuss your options for solutions to Duress, Mandown,
    Impact, Abuse, Breakdown, and even Satellite only coverage etc.

  4. Document a Lone Worker Policy – It is the responsibility of Employers of staff who work alone to ensure that the policies and procedures are developed, implemented, monitored and adhered to. Employees also have a responsibility to follow these policies and procedures for their own safety.

  5. Implement Lone Worker Education – Continue with ongoing regular checks and audits, documenting, time, date and any specifics for future reference.

A standard risk assessment of activity or environment is compulsory for every new employee or task that is implamented. The above steps are a quick guideline to ensure you are providing the best possible service and assistance to you and your staff by meting your duty of care under new Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) laws.

We assist you in this process by providing 24hrs IRC where someone is always available 24/7 waiting to provide assistance. 

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