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  • World 1st Personal Safety Device specifically designed to detect a rollover accident of machinery or vehicle such as Quad bike, tractor, bobcat etc. The LWA Rollover will not prevent the accident happening, however it will drastically reduce the time of response to your situation. 

  • Adjustable angle settings > Customisable to suit your environment 

  • Direct Notification to IRC when settings triggered 

  • Short circuit protected outputs > Wires directly to vehicle 

  • Local Siren Alarm output 


WORLD'S FIRST LWA-Rollover companion device for quad and motorbikes!


The LWA-Rollover companion device has been specifically designed to help reduce the amount of long-term injuries caused by quad bike rollover accidents.

Many long-term injuries are sustained due to the patient being trapped under the heavy quad bike for long period of time. 

"70% of deaths since year 2000 have been caused due to rollover through crushing or asphyxiation".

Quad bike deaths continued to run at an average of 10 a year, according to the latest figures released by the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety. "There were 15 recorded quad-related deaths in 2014, maintaining the 10 year average of 14 deaths per year," Dr Lower said. "Of these deaths 12 (80 per cent) occurred on farms, with a further two involving cases on public roads where the quads were turning into/out of a farm."

There were also at least 86 injuries serious enough to be reported in the media, with many likely to be life-changing, including brain and spinal injuries. "All of these incidents have a huge impact on individuals, familes and communities". Overall 60pc of deaths and 41pc of injuries involved rollovers he said.


(Quad bike safety article) 

Our device will unfortunately not prevent the rollover. 
However, we will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to respond and locate such an accident should it occur. 

LWA-Rollover companion device has adjustable angle settings to enable us to customise the device to suit the customer's environment.  Built for harsh automotive environments, the module features transient voltage protection on the supply and short circuit protected outputs.

Once the LWA-Rollover companion device is fitted to the vehicle, the rollover angle is set. The LWA-Rollover device then simply monitors the operations, regularly updating its location and when a breach of the pre set extreme angle is detected an emergency message message is generated and sent to our 24/7hr security grade A1 Incident Response Centre (IRC), who will co-ordinate any specific response as required at the time of the event.

The emergency message generated to the IRC, contains information such as your client ID, GPS co-ordinates and battery life of the device. This allows us to quickly pin point your location within a couple of metres at the time of the incident, ensuring quickest possible response to the area.

To further speed up the locating service we have added an digital output enabling the device to activate a local siren, horn, strobe light etc. Once active, the LWA-Rollover companion will continually send emergency message including location details once per minute until the angle of the vehicle is corrected and reduced below the alert threshold.​

The device can also be geo-fenced to assist with prevention of unauthorised relocation and or theft from a property.

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