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How to use the LWA-SOS


The LWA-SOS device is many things to many people, small, discreet and easy to use but, above all, it provides peace of mind to those who may at times find themselves alone. 

The downloadable 1 page "user guide" is colour co-ordinated with the device to ensure easy reading and quick reference.

Below is an even quicker guide to individual slides that describe each feature:

Video Guides

Below are a few videos on how to use the LWA-SOS device. 

1. Introduction
2. SOS Calls
3. Maintenance


Small, portable, discreet companion device, perfect for everyone.


Currently in use with Government officials, security personnel, health professionals including homecare nursing, on-call doctors, service staff, cleaning staff, health care nursing, sales, Local Government Authorities plus many, many more, check out the customer list.



  • Lightweight

  • Portable 

  • Simple alarm activation - central "SOS" button

  • 2 x extra optional programmed call buttons

  • 2 way audio communications on all calls made through the SOS device.

  • LEDs indicating GPS availability, mobile network connection, alert activation and low battery warning 

  • GPS location sent to IRC (when monitoring enabled) 

  • Location reports indicating date and time, can be sent at regular intervals or manually by the user.

LWA-SoS Accessories.jpg
Easy ways to carry

The LWA-SOS personal safety device can be carried in many ways. The unit is small and light enough to be worn around the neck on a lanyard or attached to a set of keys. However, for even more flexibility, you can choose to carry the device using one of the additional accessory options listed below.

LWA-SoS Accessories4.jpg
Keyring attachment

Allows  LWA-SOS to be carried with car /  house / personal keys for easy access when required

LWA-SoS Accessories5.jpg
Car charger

Keep your LWA-SOS charged up at all times with our handy car charger.
Just plug it into any car’s cigarette lighter or USB port and your device will automatically charge up when on the go and be ready for any emergency. Charge LWA-SOS unit as you travel to appointments in the car - but don't forget to take it with you.

For more information and details, including suitability – contact us

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